How to Eat Ghost Peppers Safely

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ghost peppers

In the world of chili peppers and high-spicy eating, ghost peppers are legendary. They are among the hottest of all peppers. However, if you’ve conquered all other peppers and want a true challenge, try the ghost pepper. Make sure to take these safety precautions.

Finishing Barbecue Sauce: When Only a Hot Mama’s Helping Hand Will Do

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finishing sauce

Classically trained chefs may not consider them mother sauces but we’re sure that many, everyday Americans do. We’re talking about finishing barbecue sauces and once people have had them, it’s hard to go without. Why? It’s what finishing sauces bring to a picnic or dining room table that count. “What’s their main contribution” barbecue novices may ask?

Barbecue sauce for heat lovers

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barbecue sauce

Summer time is upon us and that means it is time to break out the grill. It is the time of year when grilling and cookouts are a weekly occasion. That means it is time to invest in a killer barbecue sauce to impress all of your guests. If you love a great barbecue sauce with a little kick to … Read More

Do You Need to Refrigerate Hot Sauce?

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It doesn’t really matter with a cheap bottle of Tabasco or Frank’s Hot Sauce, but when you go the extra mile and splurge for a quality bottle of craft hot sauce, you don’t want to ruin it. After spending the extra money, you start to ask the important questions like do you need to refrigerate hot sauce? Then you find … Read More

Why Use Mustard Before a Dry Rub?

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dry rub

When it comes to smoking meat, a good dry rub is key to imbuing serious flavor to the meat. However, while many pit masters just massage that rub into the meat by itself, some use something a little extra – mustard. Before adding the dry rub, the meat – typically pork shoulder or ribs – is slathered in a thick … Read More

Choosing the Right Hot Sauce

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hot sauce

Many people, especially Americans, love to put hot sauce on their food, and it’s become quite a craze over the years. Whether you’re spicing up your homemade chili with spoonfuls of hot sauce, or are pouring it on your mashed potatoes, there’s no shortage of food items to add hot sauce to. However, everyone has different tastes, and a brand that … Read More

Common Barbecuing Mistakes

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Whether it’s early in the summer or the middle of July, barbecuing is a tradition that many people enjoy. Not only is it a great opportunity for friends and family to get together, but even more so, it’s also a chance to spice up some of your favorite meats. Between pork ribs, mesquite flavored hamburgers, and delectable hot dogs, there’s … Read More