Are veggies an odd food item to add hot sauce to?

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When you think about what to put hot sauce on, you generally think about meat. A lot of people will dabble or even pour hot sauce into chili to add a little bit of heat to it. Meat that comes off the grill is often enhanced by a few drops of hot sauce, especially if it’s hamburger or chopper brisket that goes into a sandwich.

But what about other kinds of food? Can hot sauce add a little heat to vegetables? It turns out that it can and that they are not odd food items to add hot sauce to.

The first and most obvious foods that can be improved by hot sauce are French fries and any other kind of fried potatoes. Most people are just content to stick fries into ketchup. But, you can sprinkle some hot sauce over the fries and either eat them that way or go ahead and add ketchup.


Beans, either refried, black, or any other kind, can certainly be kicked up a bit by adding hot sauce to them. There is nothing that makes beans even more exciting to eat than the extra heat of hot sauce.

To create a balanced meal, some folks like to grill sliced veggies such as zucchini and other squash. Barbecue lovers may find that anything that is not potato salad, coleslaw, or beans to be sacrilege when going with fire-kissed meat, but grilled veggies provide a change of pace. Dabbling hot sauce on fire-kissed vegetables can add a little to the smoky flavor that the grill has already imparted.

Very few foods likely exist that can’t be enhanced by a drop or two of hot sauce. You might want to think a little before putting some on a salad, however. That behavior is the kind of thing that can get you talked about.

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