15 Things Made Better with Hot Sauce

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Hot Sauce

Chicken wings, barbecue, and eggs – some foods are just made for hot sauce. However, if you are in the middle of a serious life-long affair with serious heat, there is so much more you can do when cooking with hot sauce. From giving a little kick to a vinaigrette to adding a few drops to fondue, here’s 15 things that are just made all the better with a little hot sauce.

  1. Add to melted butter and drizzle on popcorn. Those not from the Southern United States might find this a little odd, but a little heat with the salt and butter really ups the flavor of popcorn.
  2. Sprinkle a few drops in hot chocolate. Any kind of hot chocolate can become a Mexican hot chocolate with just a few drops of hot sauce. The sweetness helps tame the spice, but it gives the drink a nice kick and will warm you right to the core.Hot Sauce
  3. Add to mayonnaise for a quick dip. You got your chips and veggies, but forgot the dip? Add a few drops to the mayo to create a spicy concoction that is right at home in the dip bowl as it is on sandwiches.
  4. Mix with chutney. Just like it gives a boost to sweet hot chocolate, hot sauce adds a depth of flavor to any kind of chutney, boosting it from good to unforgettable.
  5. Blend into Shepherd’s Pie. Has your love affair with this old classic gone stale? Try mixing a little hot sauce into the ground meat to give the flavor of this comfort food a much-needed revitalization.
  6. Fold into scrambled eggs. Sure, hot sauce and eggs are a match made in heaven, but instead of just shaking hot sauce on top, try actually folding it into the eggs before cooking.
  7. Add bang to cocktail sauce. You know it is missing something, but can’t quite figure it out – your cocktail sauce is missing the pep that comes from the addition of hot sauce.
  8. Mix into caramelized onions. Want to add a little extra flair to your burger? Start by caramelizing some onions, mix with a healthy dose of your favorite hot sauce, then pile on top.Hot Sauce
  9. Drizzle on oysters. For those that don’t live near the ocean, you might not know, but oysters and hot sauce go together like butter on bread.
  10. Add to soup. From chicken noodle to cream of broccoli, a good dose of hot sauce can boost the flavor of soup to whole new levels. The spiciness also helps clear up any colds you may be trying to get over too.
  11. Put on pizza. Never again underestimate how wonderful a tomato-based hot sauce is with a slice of pizza. It is life-changing
  12. Mix into vinaigrette. Just because you are eating healthy for the New Year doesn’t mean you have to leave hot sauce behind with your favorite fat-filled foods.
  13. Pop on potato chips. Like with popcorn, potato chips don’t really need hot sauce, but they are just better with a little spice.
  14. Swirl in tartar sauce. Fried fish and hot sauce are a fine pair, but instead of soaking the breading, consider just mixing the hot sauce into the dip.
  15. Pepper your fondue. Melted cheese doesn’t really need improvement, but for those with a serious hot sauce addiction, a little extra spice is a must.

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