Mild to Wild: Fatality Hot Sauce

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yellow fatali chili pepper

Powered by the ‘Fatalii’ Chile, Mild to Wilds Fatality Sauce features a fruity, tropical flavor with an extra kick of heat. Heavy on the garlic, this sauce produces a searing heat that may very well be…Fatally Hot.

Originating in West Africa, the Fatalii Chile produces a long lasting heat with a quick onset.  Derived from the same family as the dreaded Habanero, the heat level can only be described as Intense!  What makes the Fatalii Chile the sixth hottest pepper on the planet?  A Scoville unit ranging from 125,000-325,000 units!

Yellow Fatalii hot pepper

This sauce is perfect for dishes that require a fruity, tropical note, but call for some heat!

Careful with this one or it will soon turn you into a ‘Fatalii-ty’ as well!


  • Fatalii Peppers
  • Vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Citric Acid

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