Mild to Wild: Original Finishing Sauce

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Finishing Sauce

Enhance the taste of your favorite dishes with this spicy BBQ-type sauce, the first we ever created!  Using only the freshest, ripened, red Jalapenos and various spices; Mild to Wild’s Original Finishing Sauce starts off sweet but finishes with just a little bite.

Derived from only the freshest peppers and spices on the planet, this Mild to Wild’s Original Finishing Sauce is sure to please.

This savory sauce mix is right at home anywhere ketchup is used.   It’s also just as useful for BBQ’in, grillin, as a pizza topping, on French fries, or as a marinade!

Finishing Sauce


Tomato sauce
(brown sugar, vinegar, tomato paste)
Fully ripened stone-ground red jalapenos
Corn starch

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