Southwest Chipotle BBQ Sauce: 5 Foods to Try

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There are many foods that you can quickly turn Southwestern with a bottle of Southwest chipotle barbecue sauce to avoid having to gather all of the ingredients to either create your own sauce or spice up the meal. Here are five foods you should try with Southwest chipotle barbecue sauce:


  • Thick-cut fries: Fries aren’t typically the first food you relate to barbecue sauce, but southwest chipotle barbecue sauce goes great with thick-cut fries. You may love it so much that your ketchup sits in the fridge longer.
  • Meatloaf: Another type of food that is commonly made with ketchup is meatloaf. Next time you cook meatloaf, substitute the ketchup for southwest chipotle barbecue sauce for a smokier southwestern taste.
  • Burgers: Southwestern burgers are commonly topped with barbecue sauce, sour cream, salsa, or guacamole. Try a burger with this type of BBQ sauce and other toppings like pepperjack cheese and lettuce for something different than the average American burger.
  • Baby back ribs: The list wouldn’t be complete without baby back ribs! Glaze the ribs with Southwest BBQ sauce to easily create a Southwestern flavor.
  • Chicken salad: One of the last things you think of drizzling barbecue sauce on is salad. In fact, the thought might make you wary but just give it a try!

Food with that nice distinct Southwestern taste can be easily made from home when you use Southwest chipotle barbecue sauce. There’s no need to make your own sauce on those days you don’t have much time to spend on cooking dinner.

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