So Your Mouth is on Fire?: The World’s Hottest Peppers and Tips to Extinguish the Heat.

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hottest peppers

The worlds hottest peppers! People like heat, they like spice, but what if you take a bite of that pepper or that chicken and its all too much? Well, has some simple tips to make the flames disappear.

  1. Avoid Water: Any water based products – water, soda, beer. I know it makes no sense. In life, water > fire, but because of the capsaicin compounds found in peppers; water just spreads the pain around.
  2. Stick to Dairy or Oil: Because these products have a high fat content they dissolve the capsaicin compounds. Try sour cream, milk, or even peanut butter.
  3. Try Starch: Though foods like bread and rice won’t dissolve the capsaicin they will act as a barrier between the capsaicin and your mouth.

Now, if you’re ready take the plunge into the world of heat and spice then try the hottest peppers. But be forewarned, listed below are ten of the world’s hottest peppers according to MatadorNetwork.

hottest peppers

  1. Carolina Reaper (Peak SHU: 2,200,000)

Ranked the World’s Hottest Pepper by Guinness Records in 2013 it is considered the “demon pepper child,” with a peak SHU (Scoville heat rating) of 2,200,000. With a sweet flavor the Carolina Reaper is unlike any other pepper engineered for heat, because it lacks the chemical undertones that are usually found in superhots.

  1. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (SHU: 2,009,231)

Found in Trinidad, the Moruga Scorpion hails as the spiciest naturally occurring pepper and “contains as much capsaicin as 25 milliliters of police-grade pepper spray.”  It was the first pepper to hit 2 million SHU, and it still keeps its fruity flavor.

  1. Trinidad Scorpion Butch T (SHU: 1,463,700)

Through propagating of the Trinidad Scorpion, the Butch T has a pointed stinger at its end – which is iconic of peppers in the Scorpion family. Some say that the Butch T is so spicy that safety gear is necessary when handling the pepper. Some chefs have even experienced numb hands for as long as two days after coming in contact with this pepper.

  1. 7 Pod Douglah (Peak SHU: 1,853,396)

Also known as the Chocolate 7 Pot, the Douglah is a sister to the 7 Pot Chili. It comes from Trinidad, but don’t let it’s dark brown/purple skin trick you, this pepper has a surprisingly fruity flavor.

hottest peppers

  1. Naga Viper (SHU: 1,382,118)

This pepper cannot be found in nature, and if you want its seeds you can only get them from its maker. This pepper is a hybrid between the Naga Morich, the Bhut Jolokia, and the Trinidad Scorpion, and it is so unstable that plants can’t even produce offspring exactly like the parent due to all the genes that the three peppers provide.

  1. Infinity Chili (SHU: 1,176,182)

Man-made like many others, the Infinity Chili was the world’s hottest pepper for two weeks before the Naga Viper came along. It’s creator, Nick Woods, made a curry out of 20 of his peppers, and called it ‘The Widower.’ Considered the world’s hottest curry, it reached a SHU of 6 million and was hotter than tear gas.

  1. Gibralta (SHU: 1,086,844)

Grown in Spain and developed in the UK the Gibralta, also known as the Spanish Naga, is grown in some surprising conditions. To get the level of spice that the Gibralta brings, the seeds are grown in enclosed plastic tubes with scorching temperatures. The pepper also doesn’t have any traditional dishes because it is still predominantly man-made.

  1. 7 Pot Chili (SHU: over 1 million)

Also known as the 7 Pot Pod, this pepper has a bumpy texture which is only found in the hottest of peppers. It is mainly found in stews, hot sauces and marinades with other peppers of the Habanero family.

hottest peppers

  1. Bhut Jolokia/Bhut Jolokia Chocolate ( Peak SHU: 1,001,304)

Also known as the “Ghost Pepper,” this bright red pepper and its rare chocolate version are native to India.  A combination of all the hybrids of the Habanero pepper and a Tabasco species this pepper is responsible for some of the spicy curries that India is known for. Surprisingly India has also started using it in military weapons, and as a defense to ward off stampeding elephants as of 2007 and 2010.

  1. Trinidad Scorpion CARDI (Peak SHU: 1 million)

The CARDI stands for the ‘Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute,’ which developed this pepper, and while you can cook this pepper in various dishes, you’ll be surprised by its main uses. The Scorpion CARDI is used in military grade pepper spray, and it is also mixed in marine paint to stop barnacles from growing on the bottom of boats.

Now, some of you aren’t ready to tackle the hottest peppers listed above, but you can still contact Mild to Wild Pepper and Herb Co. for a variety of tangy sauces and seasonings to beginning with.

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