Odd Food Items to Add Hot Sauce To

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We all know someone who adds hot sauce to nearly everything, right? Hot sauce on eggs, Mexican and Asian dishes and potatoes are a given, but there are definitely more unusual uses. While some are downright cringe-worthy (hot sauce on Oreos, anyone?), others deserve a try. For instance, hot sauce is absolutely divine on popcorn. The soft, buttery popcorn flavor skyrockets to a whole new level with a dash of the spicy stuff. Pro tip: to avoid soggy popcorn, dip your kernels one-by-one. 

Another odd food item to add hot sauce to is peanut butter. You’re likely used to seeing sweet things such as fruit jams used with peanut butter, but blended with hot sauce, it creates a rich, spicy peanut sauce, perfect for dipping stir-fried vegetables or chicken satay.

If you’re looking for a healthy snack that incorporates hot sauce, consider roasted cauliflower. Just toss it fresh out of the oven with your favorite spicy sauce and enjoy.


For those looking for a bold flavor adventure, try dipping pickles in hot sauce. Sweet gherkins and run-of-the-mill dills both taste great, but nothing can beat a breaded, fried and hot-sauce-covered pickle spear.

Hot sauce can even be an awesome complement to sweet treats. A dash of hot sauce from Mild to Wild in a rich cup of dark hot chocolate will bring a depth of flavor you can’t imagine. Some folks even like dash a little hot sauce on a piece of chocolate cake. Beyond chocolate, the right hot sauce can add zip to other sweets such as melon, berries and even ice cream.

Don’t be afraid to get adventurous when it comes to trying hot sauce on unusual food items (maybe we’ll even try Oreos!).

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