Cooking with Hot Sauce for Vegetarians

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Cooking with Hot Sauce for Vegetarians. Recently my son looked at me and said, “If I can’t get a puppy for my birthday, can I get a deep fryer?”  He had wings for dinner at a restaurant the night before and he was eager to recreate them at home,  My heart twisted a bit at his request, as our house had recently come off a two-year meat ban and cooking chicken wings, as delicious as they are, still fills me with guilt.  So we compromised with Buffalo french fries.  (His birthday is in 10 months, so we have some time before deciding on a puppy or deep fryer, anyway.) 

With the right hot sauce, Buffalo french fries satisfy Buffalo wing cravings every time.  Smoky, earthy, burn your lips off spicy… however you enjoy your Buffalo wings; you can recreate the same experience with french fries. Dice up a celery stick, a carrot, crumble some blue cheese, heat up some frozen french fries (Add some sweet potato fries for a sweet and spicy treat!), and as soon as those fries come out of the oven, sprinkle hot sauce all over them, a dash of salt and stir until each fry is evenly coated with hot sauce.  Top the warm, spicy fries with the carrot, celery, blue cheese toppings and dig in.


Cooking with hot sauces doesn’t always have to mean cooking with meat! If there’s a dish you miss as a vegetarian, you can usually recreate it with vegetables and clever spices such as hot sauce and BBQ sauce.

At Mild to Wild Pepper and Herb Company, we have an extensive collection of hot sauces and barbecue sauces to choose from. Spice up your next vegetarian dish!

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