Don’t Wait until Cinco de Mayo to Experiment with Chipotle Barbecue Sauces

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Cinco de Mayo isn’t the only great time to break out the chipotle barbecue sauces. Studies have shown that the smoky little peppers used to make the sauces are rich in beneficial capsaicinoids, antioxidants and phytochemicals. So they’re excellent at keeping one’s intake of essential, disease fighting ingredients up to par. That said, anytime is perfect for a meal or snack slathered in chipotle infused, barbecue sauces.

What are the best chipotle barbecue sauce dishes available in America today? It depends on the palate of the person answering the question. However, choosing dishes filled with veggies and lean proteins tend to be the healthiest options out there. At least that’s what The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition noted in a research paper published back in the fall of 2003. So here’s a saucy suggestion for anyone looking to satisfy their chipotle barbecue sauce craving in the best way possible:

Chipotle Barbecue Sauces

Why not cover thick, grilled, Portobello mushrooms with chipotle sauce and make sandwiches?  Simply coat the inside of a whole grain, toasted bun with a liberal helping of barbecue sauce. Then add a grilled mushroom cap, fresh spinach leaves and maybe some low-fat cheese. It would be perfect! And if mushroom sandwiches aren’t your thing, grab a knife and get dicing.

Diced mushrooms that have been slow-cooked in chipotle barbecue sauce taste amazing too. They make an awesome topping for steaks, chicken breasts and center cut pork. Plus, you could add them to grilled potatoes or a brown gravy for a new twist on meatloaf night. We vote that you just experiment and go crazy.

Speaking of going loco, did you know it’s also ideal for some desserts? Add the chipotle barbecue sauce to a blueberry or strawberry jam, which are rich in antioxidants too. Then use the jam to cover delightful pastries, sweet breads, tarts or cakes. They’ll be among the sauciest desserts you’ll ever make in under 10 minutes. We promise.

To find out more about chipotle barbecue sauces and why they’re not just for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, please contact Mild to Wild Pepper & Herb Company today.

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