Cooking on the Big Green Egg Barbecue

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green egg barbecue

The history of how the Big Green Egg came from southern Japan to the United States began after World War II, when American servicemen noticed that Japanese families used a “kamado,” which came in the form of a clay pot with a removable top to steam rice. Some servicemen would take them home in empty transport planes. American companies began to manufacture kamados in the 1960s. The Big Green Egg Company was formed in 1974 and began making kamado-style devices designed as backyard grills.

A Big Green Egg, unlike a standard metal grill or smoker, is made of ceramic and is quite heavy. It resembles an egg in shape, with a removable top. It often comes with wheels so you can move it around and attached tables where you can keep your grilling tools. The ceramic material holds heat better than standard outdoor barbecue grills.


The Big Green Egg uses its own brand of natural wood charcoal that is inserted in a fire box, as with top-of-the-line smokers. The charcoal leaves far less ash than the standard brands of charcoal used in backyard grills. The charcoal is easy to light without the use of lighter fluid because the grill has an air flow feature that makes the appliance work like a fireplace. The same air flow feature allows you to control precisely the temperature inside the Egg, which enhances the cooking experience. You can control the air flow using a temperature gauge.

The Egg is advertised as being easy to clean, without recourse to chemical products. The heat also burns away any accumulated grease in the same manner as a self-cleaning oven.

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