Why We All Love Barbecue So Much— And Can’t Get Enough

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Is there such a thing as too much barbecue? No way! At least, not for most of us. You take a deep breath in to experience the tantalizing smells coming from the meat being fired up on that grill, as it lay there and sizzles away while getting those signature grill marks we love so much. As it cooks, you are only left with two choices. Glaze it with sauce while cooking or glaze it afterwards. Either way, it is still so very good.

What makes the idea of barbecue so special? Is it the sauce or the meat? Maybe a bit of both but one cannot deny that a good sauce will jazz up just about anything. However, there are some barbecue connoisseurs out there that heavily debate the methods as well as the sauces, indicating that their way reigns supreme.

It seems like every coast does things differently. You have Texas barbecue. North Carolina barbecue. Tennessee barbecue. Georgia barbecue. What state is your favorite? According to FoxNews, Tennessee and Texas take the top 2 spots while New York ranks #10 in their top 10 round-up.


You have low n’ slow vs. extra smoke. Tangy vinegar-based vs. sizzling sweet. Dry rub vs. soaking wet. No matter the method, barbecue is just good— period.

If you’re unsure about what kind of sauce to get and you like your sauce to have kick with some banging flavor, try one of the tasty selections from Mild to Wild’s barbecue lineup. You can’t go wrong with the parades of flavor you get to choose from to add to your delicious piece of grilled meat. You get that flavor punch you’ve been searching for. You can use the sauce while on the grill, or you can use it for a delicious finish once you remove your meat from the grill. Either way, you won’t be able to eat just one piece, so be ready for that.

Want to see what other sauces are available from Mild to Wild? Check us out online, or better yet, check out our blog for more information about us and our sauces. Your taste buds won’t know what hit them.

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