Cooking with Hot Sauce to Make Asian Cuisine

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Hoping to add a little exotic spice to your cooking at home? Consider cooking with hot sauce to make some delicious Asian cuisine. Continue on with your reading for some Asian cooking inspiration below.

Asian Hot Wings

When you have a good bottle of hot sauce sitting in your pantry, it won’t be long before you brain starts thinking about some tasty hot wings. But if you’re tired of making the same old hot wings all the time, try giving them an Asian flair the next time around. It’s actually quite simple to make delicious Asian hot wings. Just prep and cook your wings as you usually would, but then add either soy sauce or fish sauce in addition to our hot sauce when marinating the wings.


Banh Mi with Asian Meatballs

Think meatballs are just for Italian night? Think again! Cook your meatballs with some fish sauce in the seasoning. Then place the meatballs on a buttered baguette. Top it all off with our spicy hot sauce, and you’ve got yourself a homemade Vietnamese banh mi with Asian meatballs.

Spicy Eggplant

Feeling like eating vegetarian tonight? Or want to have a nice vegetable side dish to serve with your meal? Consider making some spicy eggplant using our hot sauce. Then serve it with a hot, steaming bowl of white rice.

Ready to start making gourmet Asian meals in your very own kitchen? Order our hot sauce today. Then have fun using our sauce to help you create the perfect Asian dish.

Sauces and seasonings help spice up our foods as well as our lives. Take advantage of the sauces and seasonings we offer and boost your recipes in both flavor and heat. Shop for mild to moderate to extreme sauces and seasonings. Sauces compliment and add that special something to your cooking and baking recipes, especially when they are hot sauces. Try using different flavor combinations with your favorite recipes.


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