Odd Breakfast Food Items to Add Hot Sauce to

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For those of us hot sauce lovers, there is always a time and place to add some heat to a dish. Even the mornings are not exempt. For your next lazy Sunday brunch, try out the following dishes to spice things up. Here are some odd breakfast food items to add hot sauce to.

  • Savory Backdraft French Toast. Amp up your morning french toast by adding a few drops of Backdraft hot sauce to your egg dip. The subtle sweetness from the brown sugar accents the Habanero mash that has been aged in Bourbon barrels. Mix a little bourbon into your maple syrup and add a few slices of Hickory smoked bacon to finish off the dish.
  • Lox and Cream Cheese to please with Semper Fry Hot Sauce. Blend some garliky heat into plain cream cheese perfect to spread onto a warm toasted everything bagel complete with smoked salmon and capers.
  • Bloody Mary for the Rookie. Swirl a little of the Rookie Orientation into tomato juice with or without the vodka for a brunch cocktail, garnished with celery or garlic stuffed green olives. The heat level is mild enough to not overpower your drink but adds a warm flavor with a blend of spices and citrus.
  • Stupid Hot Chocolate. The famous Habanero chocolate blend will give your cocoa the punch it needs to make it brunch worthy. Just a dash will do you as the heat effects are said to last 20 to 30 minutes.

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