Three Hot Sauce Ideas That Will Get Hosts and Hostesses Out of Hot Water

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hot sauce

Did you know that hot sauce may just get you out of hot water, at least where company is concerned? It’s true, but only if you know how to use the world’s best hot sauces to make last-minute appetizers. They can really save the day, not to mention heat up an impromptu barbecue. To help get you started, here are few truly hot appetizer ideas that will surely satisfy those heat hungry visitors:

Hell Fire Toast

Grab some toasted bread or bagel crisps along with a bottle of your favorite hot sauce. Add as much of sauce as you want to a small bowl. Combine it with chopped pimientos, diced dill pickles, grated cheese, diced onion and mayonnaise. Then stir it around with a wooden spoon until a dip consistency is reached. Slather the hell fire mixture on to the toast points of your choice and serve. P.S. It also works well with snack-size crackers.

hot sauce

Satan’s Salad

All out of toast and bagel crisps? Have no worries, just slice up some fresh fruit and put it into a bowl. Next, grab a sauce pans and some granulated sugar. Whip up a large batch of simple syrup. Save half for cocktails or sweet tea. Then take the remainder and add some hot sauce to it. Stir well until it’s a perfect mix of sweet and heat. Finally, drizzle it over the fresh fruit and serve guests mini plates with dollops of whipped cream.

Violence in Vienna

No fresh fruit in the fridge? Well, we’ve got one more hot idea. Reach for a can of Vienna sausage. Plate the sausages then grab some mustard and a dip-size bowl. Squeeze the mustard into the bowl and fold in as much hot sauce as you dare. Afterward, let guests dip the Vienna sausages into it as they please.

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