Don’t Fear the Pit Master’s Spatula; Gluten-Free Barbecue Sauce is Here

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Gluten-Free Barbecue Sauce is Here Ask any pit master to reveal his or her grilling secrets and you’re likely to get slapped with a spatula. But most folks don’t have to risk the wrath of a pit master’s hot spatula or clacking tongs to find out what’s in a bottle of barbecue sauce. Most store-bought varieties contain tomatoes or mustard. The reasoning behind who uses what generally varies depending on one’s side of the Mason-Dixon Line. Of course both tomatoes and mustard are devoid of gluten. So why then does one need gluten-free barbecue sauces?

Well lean in burgeoning pit masters and we’ll share the rub, its select vinegars that are the real villains here. They’re typically rich in malted grains or alcohol. Therefore, they’re liable to set anyone with gluten sensitivities running for the medicine cabinet or a good doctor. And what’s a barbecue sauce without malty vinegar? We’ll tell you, it’s an absolutely amazing sauce everyone should try.


Believe it or not, it is possible to make tongue-wagging good barbecue sauces without grains. Most companies and pit masters that attempt to do so substitute the grains with fruits or sugar cane. The list of fruits ambitious chefs will use as substitutes includes, but isn’t limited to grapes and apples. But as we mentioned before, many culinary wizards would rather go down in charcoal sparked flames than reveal their exact recipes.

Good thing there are companies who sell clearly marked bottles of gluten-free sauce. So no one has to get hurt in their quest for the perfect steak, slab of ribs or burger. They just have to take the time to read a bottle of gluten-free barbecue sauce’s label to know for certain. To learn more about what’s on the labels of gluten-free barbecue or finishing sauces, just ask us. At Mild to Wild our saucy experts would be happy to oblige health conscious grillers with honest answers.

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