The Hottest Peppers Known to Man

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Spicy food isn’t for everyone. What makes food spicy is either the spices used or the peppers that are used. There are mild peppers such as green peppers and red peppers. There are also hotter peppers such as jalapeno peppers. But, what are the hottest peppers that few people can withstand?

The first hottest pepper is the Carolina Reaper. According to crazyhotseeds, it’s known as the demon child of peppers. The second is the Trinidad Morgua Scorpion pepper. This pepper is very new to man and is rarely sought after.


The third pepper is the Naga Viper. It’s an extremely rare pepper that was cultivated in the UK. The fourth pepper is the Bhut Jolokia, also known as the famous ghost pepper. The fifth hottest pepper is the Red Savina Habanero pepper. It’s not as hot as the ones before it but it does fall under the category of Habanero so it is pretty hot compared to some other peppers.

There are many more hot peppers out there but these are some of the hottest that I found interesting. Take a look at crazy hot seeds list of the top ten hottest peppers for more of the world’s hottest peppers known to man!

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