Common Barbecuing Mistakes

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Whether it’s early in the summer or the middle of July, barbecuing is a tradition that many people enjoy. Not only is it a great opportunity for friends and family to get together, but even more so, it’s also a chance to spice up some of your favorite meats. Between pork ribs, mesquite flavored hamburgers, and delectable hot dogs, there’s never a shortage of what you can put on the grill. However, there’s a lot more to barbecuing than putting a piece of meat on the grill and letting it cook, as it also requires skill and patience. For beginners especially, here are two common mistakes when learning to barbecue.

Using the Sauce Too Early

Barbecue¬†sauce is what gives the food its flavor, and while covering your meat in it is important when grilling, one mistake beginners tend to make, is slathering it on way too early. The reason this could be a problem, is because the sauce will end up burning, and your meat will end up less than flavorful. It’s important to keep a balance. You don’t want to use the sauce too early, but you don’t want to put it on your meat when it’s almost done grilling, either. The ensure that you’re not overdoing it, it’s best to use a brush for your barbecue sauce and cover your meat little by little, over the course that it’s grilling. Sometimes, less is more.


Undercooked Meat

For beginners, another common problem is that the meat often ends up undercooked. The issue is not being able to tell when it’s done grilling. Poking it with a fork won’t help, and neither will cutting the meat. One trick, however, is to remember that meat cooks internally. For example, a piece of chicken may look finished on the outside, but it could still be bloody on the inside. When barbecuing, use an internal thermometer. That way, not only can you ensure that your meat is cooking internally at the right temperature, but that it’s safe to eat as well. Not having a way to know when your meat is finished, as well as using estimated guesses, can be the difference between an enjoyable barbecue, and one that leads to illnesses.

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