Habanero Barbecue Sauce: A Smart Addition to Hearty American’s Meals

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Its Scoville heat units vary but rest assured. If you pick a peck of habanero peppers for a special meal, you’ll likely experience an SHU of 1,042,000 or less. And that may be a little too intense for timid pepper eaters. But if you’re one of the hearty types that love the burn, it may remind you of Shangri-La on a plate.

The plucky chili peppers tend to ring in at 2.5-inches in length. They typically sport an orange-red skin that can be a little on the thin side but oh the bite! And they come in other colors too. We tend to favor the Red Savina™ when choosing batches for our habanero barbecue sauce. The publication, HortScience, notes that the red ones tend to have SHU ratings in excess of 350,000. That’s one of the main reasons why we love that variety of pepper so much.


All of that capsicum gives them a healthy dose of heat, and we do mean healthy. Just check out all of the scientific studies that have been done on the strong, naturally occurring compound. You may just be surprised to find what the experts are saying about it. In April 2016, the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease published research indicating that it may boost brain power in certain segments of the population. Of course we can’t promise that eating habenero barbecue sauce every day will make you a rocket scientist.

However, the super spicy peppers are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. And we combine the Red Savina™ peppers with tomato paste, vinegar and other ingredients. So at the very least, they may help you reach your daily, recommended amount of vitamins. To learn more about habenero barbecue sauce and why it should be a part of your culinary routine, please contact Mild to Wild® Pepper & Herb Company today.

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