Choosing the Right Hot Sauce

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hot sauce

Many people, especially Americans, love to put hot sauceĀ on their food, and it’s become quite a craze over the years. Whether you’re spicing up your homemade chili with spoonfuls of hot sauce, or are pouring it on your mashed potatoes, there’s no shortage of food items to add hot sauce to. However, everyone has different tastes, and a brand that you find tasty, might not be so appealing to someone else. When choosing the right hot sauce, especially for a family barbecue, here are two important things to consider.


Of all things to consider, heat level is a major factor, and it’s important to be considerate of others in your family. After all, everyone has different levels of tolerance, and some much less than others. For example, even though Tabasco sauce is one of the milder hot sauces, some people find it too spicy regardless. In other words, you might prefer Habanero flavored hot sauces, but that doesn’t mean everyone in your family will. Not only should you ask first, but also make note of the preferences in your family. The right hot sauce can be the difference between a pleasant barbecue, and one that’s too hot to enjoy.

hot sauce


When choosing the right sauce, flavor is another important factor. After all, there’s more to a good hot sauce than simply having a lot of spice, and the best hot sauces aren’t always the hottest either. For example, let’s say that everyone in your family loved hot sauce. When you’re at the store, would you rather pick the milder one with a stronger flavor, or the spicier one with less flavor? After all, some hot sauces have so much heat, that’s all you can taste, and the sauce itself lacks any actual flavor. Overall, it’s important to make sure there’s a good balance between the two.

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