Barbecue sauce for heat lovers

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barbecue sauce

Summer time is upon us and that means it is time to break out the grill. It is the time of year when grilling and cookouts are a weekly occasion. That means it is time to invest in a killer barbecue sauce to impress all of your guests.

If you love a great barbecue sauce with a little kick to it, then look no further. Mild to Wild has the barbecue sauce to cure your heat craving.

From Fiery Habanero to Southwest Chipotle, you are sure to find the barbecue sauce for you.

The Fiery Habanero sauce can satisfy a true heat lover. This provides quite the kick to whatever you coat with this barbecue sauce. The Southwest Chipotle sauce is a little easier on the palate, but don’t worry, it still packs some heat. The Original Finishing sauce is made with red jalapeƱos, adding a subtle but flavorful kick to your meal.

If you have a more mild palate, the barbecue sauces can be tamed for you.

barbecue sauce

These barbecue sauces are great for many things. They can be used for so much more than just barbecuing some chicken. You can use these to spice up your baked beans or homemade chili.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your grilled food, chili, pasta and much more, then this is your solution. A great barbecue sauce can go so much further than the grill.

At Mild to Wild Pepper and Herb Company, we offer a full range of products from sauces for private labeling and retail sales, to bulk chili peppers for the largest of industrial accounts and everything in between! With an extensive selection of barbecue sauces, you are sure to find something that fits your tastes. To place your order today, visit our website and read about all the ingredients that go into our specialty barbecue sauces.

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