Finishing Barbecue Sauce: When Only a Hot Mama’s Helping Hand Will Do

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finishing sauce

Classically trained chefs may not consider them mother sauces but we’re sure that many, everyday Americans do. We’re talking about finishing barbecue sauces and once people have had them, it’s hard to go without. Why? It’s what finishing sauces bring to a picnic or dining room table that count. “What’s their main contribution” barbecue novices may ask?

Many grill masters would argue that it’s an elevated essence whereas others feel the sauces are critical for retaining the right degree of moisture. Proponents of the latter tend to be big fans of brining, which is another barbecuing basic altogether. It’s sometimes used with monter au beurre or beurre blanc to enhance traditionally lean proteins, including chicken and pork.

finishing sauce

Like a tomato based, mother sauce our bottles of finishing goodness are filled with vine-ripened beauties. However, we make sure to turn these virgin lovelies into hot mamas first. What makes our finishing barbecue sauces more wicked than their saucy cousins? It could be the red jalapenos. Picked at precisely the right time, their flavor is intensified thanks to the stone-ground process. Of course the heat could also be blamed on the very best spices.

There are a number of seasonings and spices used in the creation of finishing barbecue sauces. For instance, purists may long for cayenne, red or ground black peppers. Others may seek out the exotic, including berbere, Aleppo and baharat. Which ones are in Mild to Wild’s finishing barbecue sauces? We’re afraid that it’s a bit of knowledge that we’ll take with us to the big firehouse in the sky. But you’re welcome to try a bottle and see if you can identify the unique blend of seasonings and spices solely by taste.

Go on, try figuring it out by hosting a barbecue finishing sauce taste test. We double Dalmatian dare you. To buy a few bottle of finishing sauce for the big reveal, reach out to us by clicking here.

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