How to Eat Ghost Peppers Safely

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ghost peppers

In the world of chili peppers and high-spicy eating, ghost peppers are legendary. They are among the hottest of all peppers. However, if you’ve conquered all other peppers and want a true challenge, try the ghost pepper. Make sure to take these safety precautions.

Ghost Peppers Are Intense

Ghost peppers are legendary among fans of hot chili peppers due to the potent effects they cause on the body. Just a bit of its oil or even a touch of one to the tongue can cause intense reactions. However, it is still possible to cook with them.

Milk Can Help Manage The Effects

The myth that milk was the best way to calm chili pepper potency was tested on “The Mythbusters,” where they tried out a variety of items, including cold water, soda, and even beer. Milk was, by far, the most effective method of managing ghost pepper potency. Milk actually bonds with the capsaicin oil that causes spicy reactions and washes it off your tongue.

ghost peppers

Managing Its Potency

Eating ghost peppers safely requires removing some of the oil off the pepper. You can use a paper towel to absorb much of it. Make sure to wear gloves and goggles when doing so. Next, you can mask their heat index by mixing them with other items, including cheese.

Try adding thin slices of ghost pepper in very small doses to get a feel for them. Like any pepper, you can eventually build up a tolerance, but this will take time. However, if you’re a true pepper-hound, it’s totally worth the effort.

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