High Fructose Corn Syrup? Not in MY Barbecue Sauce!

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high fructose corn syrup

We’ve all heard of it these days.  High fructose corn syrup.  But what is it?  And why avoid it?  A sweetener made from corn sounds like a good natural alternative to sugar.  So why not?  

The problem isn’t necessarily the high fructose corn syrup itself, although that is up for debate.  The real problem is the insidious adding of too much sugar of all sorts to things that don’t need it, and high fructose corn syrup just adds sweet with no body or defining taste to it like real cane sugar does.  High fructose cane sugar is basically a sweet filler with added calories.

If you want to avoid using even more high fructose corn syrup than you do now, check your food labels, and make sure you get a barbecue sauce that doesn’t have it.  You want that sweet, tangy taste, but you don’t want the extra calories and sick sweetness of corn syrup.  You want the good stuff.

So where do you get the good stuff?

high fructose corn syrup

Mild to Wild uses brown sugar, which is cane sugar with molasses for that full body taste you want from your barbecue sauce.  It will transport you to when you were a kid at a town picnic, eating barbecue chicken and corn on the cob, all sloppy-like.  You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this stuff, though.  None of these products has any review under 5 stars!

You can use these barbecue sauces in so many ways, it’s nice to think that you can cut down on the high fructose corn syrup in such a tasty way.

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