Odd food items to add hot sauce to…and love it

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These days, the hot topics of foodies are either odd food pairings or really hot types of sauces. Let’s talk about both! What happens when the odd pairing comes from adding hot sauces to typically bland foods? You would be surprised at the results. The new flavors you can make with odd food items to add hot sauces to could make you the next big thing in the kitchen!

  • Hot sauce on pecan pie- Sweet, salty and buttery. Those are the three key flavors you get from a warm slice of pecan pie, fresh from the oven. What could be better to balance out that odd number of flavors than to make it an even set of four distinctive tastes? Hello, Spicy! Just a few drops of cayenne pepper sauce, or even Habanero, can cut through the mega sweetness of the molasses of the pie and bring out the salty, buttery crunch and flavor of pecans.
  • Hot sauce on apple sauce- Consider the following. Applesauce is a tart, refreshing fruit pulp that can taste completely different by just adding extra ingredients. Add whipped cream to make it sweeter, cinnamon to make it tangy, or hot sauce to make it savory enough to rewire your taste buds! Just three tiny drops, without mixing, will bring a surprising “flavor boom” to your mouth. It is not your mother’s applesauce. It is something altogether new to your senses.hot sauce
  • Hot sauce on potato salad- One of the world’s best known comfort foods, potato salad has only one issue: It is bland enough to turn boring. Pep it up, literally, with a dash of mango Habanero hot sauce, or cayenne-based sauce. Even the most sensitive eater will enjoy this, because potatoes will block any excess spice hitting your mouth. Potatoes act like tiny sponge blockers that will still allow some heat to flow, without causing havoc. Take your potato salad to another, hotter, level!
  • Hot sauce on canned peaches! – If you cannot eat fresh peaches, and must eat them from a can, splash a bit of hot sauce and see how the fruit goes from syrupy sweet to tart in seconds. It is the most inexpensive way to gourmet-up a canned food experience.
  • How about hot sauce on flan (crème caramel, custard) – Another super sweet dessert, flan has a smooth consistency that allows for any onset of intense flavor to go down smoothly. You can add chili powder and a couple of hot sauce drops to flan and make it a very spicy and delicious treat.
  • Hot sauce on other fruits – Try adding drops of salty hot sauce on fresh, bland fruits, such as watermelons, honeydew melons, and even bananas. Anything predictable can go from ordinary from extraordinary by adding a few drops of “just enough” heat to push your boundaries of taste. Try one of these tricks and let the flavor do the talking.

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