Chipotle Barbecue Sauce Helps Home Chefs Heat Up Winter Roasts and More

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The winter months are tailor-made for roasting foods but where does that leave your favorite bottle of chipotle barbecue sauce? If you’re smart, it’s still right on your counter. Chipotle barbecue sauce is for more than just chilling and grilling or tailgating near the 50 yard line. It may also be used to jazz up roasted and braised meats.

For openers, let’s take poultry. What’s better with a slice of turkey, chicken or duck than a river of flavorful gravy? Why not skip the traditional brown or white for chipotle barbecue gravy instead? Simply substitute half of your favorite broth with the barbecue sauce and whisk it into a basic roux. It will add bite to any white meat as well as bland seafood.

Or, skip the roux and add the chipotle barbecue sauce to pureed tomatoes or a generous helping of sofrito. Granted, it will be more sauce than gravy but we think you’ll love the flavor. It tastes good when piled on top of traditionally dry proteins, especially with added ingredients. For example, you could toss some diced avocado or queso blanco on top of the chipotle barbecue sauce.


If the holidays have left you sick of poultry, no worries. The sauce may add interest to red meats too and that includes venison. Try using the sauce as a base. Add cooking wine or liquor, unsalted butter, herbs and pine nuts or something similar to boost its earthy profile. Good examples include roasted walnuts, smoke whiskey, cranberries, rosemary sprigs, Madeira and Malbec.

Just don’t select a chipotle barbecue sauce with too much heat. Otherwise, it could clash with the smoky flavors of the other ingredients we’ve noted. Our go-to sauce is this Mild to Wild gem. To learn more about it and other winter cooking essentials, please contact us today.

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