A finishing barbecue sauce may be the only product you need

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finishing sauce

Most people hear the words “finishing sauce for barbecue” in cooking programs. However, have you heard of a finishing barbecue sauce? Mild to Wild does not cease to shake the barbecue market, so let us introduce you to our founder’s original: Jim Campbell’s true-to-goodness, Original Finishing Sauce.

How it all began

Like our company, this sauce has a humble history. Founder Jim Campbell, a firefighter, made and sold this product on his own. The success of the sauce held its value entirely on word-to-mouth advertising until it was time to grow. You may wonder what made this sauce stand out so much to become a household name. The secret lies in the selection of powerful ingredients that require no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors. We know what ingredients will absolutely satisfy your palate.

What’s in this totally delicious finishing barbecue sauce?

A finishing sauce is usually added toward the end of the cooking process. We, the people of Mild to Wild, grant you permission to use this sauce as you see fit. It works as a marinade, dip, side sauce, finishing sauce, and we hear some folks even use a their “keep in their pocketbook” sauce. You can eat it anywhere and take it everywhere. This sauce may be all you need to take your meats and vegetables from ordinary to extraordinary.

finishing sauce

Check out our easy-to-pronounce ingredients

  1. Mild to Wild’s original tomato sauce made with brown sugar, vinegar and tomato paste
  2. Stone ground red jalapeño peppers, fully ripened
  3. Our secret blend of spices
  4. Corn starch for texture

You read it right. 4 ingredients was all it took to make this sauce the first success, and most widely sold product, of the Mild to Wild company.

How to use

Now that you have Mild to Wild rights to use the finishing sauce as you wish, allow us to suggest some really cool cooking ideas from sauce fans.

  1. Pizza sauce- Our tomato base sauce holds the right amount of sugar and spice for a succulent barbecue pizza sauce. Add any toppings you want, and choose whether to hold or not to hold the cheese.
  2. Mozzarella cheese sticks sauce- Replace that same old marinara and add spice to your cheese sticks.
  3. Chicken nugget dip sauce- Whether your chicken nuggets are real or tofu-based, our sauce is actually vegan-friendly, too! Gluten free and peanut free also, to complete the trifecta!
  4. Sandwich sauce- If you love those seasonal rib sandwiches because of their saucy deliciousness, then you will have fun year-round with our sauce. The flavors in our Original Finishing sauce rival those of restaurant fare. The proof is in the sauce. Treat yourself to the good stuff today.

How to get the sauces?

You can get our sauces by the gallon, by the bottle (16 oz) or by the case! An order of 12 of the 16oz bottles come in each case. You can order online or check out our site for a number of stores that carry Mild to Wild products.

We are a hard-working, small company that keeps the client in mind. We believe that our hot sauce will be the only thing you may need in your kitchen. Treat yourself to a bottle today and see for yourself why Mild to Wild is worth the try!

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