Are you sure you know what’s in your barbecue sauces?

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Ever wonder what’s in your barbecue sauces? If you love barbecue and grilling out, you owe yourself a favor: learning about the repertoire of delicious barbecue sauces available at Mild to Wild.

Why Wild to Mild?

Our sauces feature nothing but natural, gluten-free and fresh ingredients flavored with the good stuff they’re made of!

Each bottle contains zero preservatives, artificial colors or seasonings. What you pour in your food (or dip your food in, your call) is a high quality, American made sauce that will make your taste buds bounce.

This is why our sauces stand out from those that spend months on supermarket shelves. You know which ones they are: those that still look mysteriously fresh months after being stocked.

So what’s in our sauces?

Enjoy this quick 101 on our barbecue sauces, and see why they are the best stuff out there. Not all are spicy, not all are sweet. There is something for everyone!

barbecue sauces

Ay, Caramba! Get that glass of milk to cool off, because you may need it. Our fiery Habanero is not just heat, but also flavor. So much flavor that you may find yourself eating a bit too much of the good stuff without even knowing.

The basic ingredients our Habanero sauce are simple, transparent, and to the point:

  1. our basic tomato sauce mix, made of vinegar, brown sugar and tomato paste.
  2. our secret blend of spices
  3. corn starch
  4. apple-smoked Red Savina™ dried Habanero
  5. stone-ground Red Savina™ dried Habanero.

Wild Fact: Well-made sauces do not need additives to add more spice than what their peppers dictate. The heat you get from our Habanero sauce is, definitely, “the real thing.”

barbecue sauces

Mild to Wild’s Southwest Chipotle Sauce

Our best-selling barbecue sauce is not just good for grilling, but also for sandwiches, fries, nuggets, and even tacos! Here is what the flavor is all about. The proof is in the sauce!

  1. tomato paste
  2. vinegar
  3. brown sugar
  4. Chipotle peppers
  5. corn starch
  6. our secret blend of spices

Wild Fact: What does “Chipotle” even mean?

Sometimes people ask what is a “Chipotle” or where Chipotle peppers come from. Chipotle is a word of Aztec origin that simply means “smoked.” It is a smoked jalapeño pepper, which actually changes the flavor of the original pepper, making it more buttery and delicious. Now you know.

barbecue sauces

The Mild to Wild Original Finishing Sauce

This delicious sauce works as a glaze, marinade, dip, or as an accompaniment to anything edible! This sauce also calls for no more than 6 natural ingredients.

  1. our traditional tomato sauce made of brown sugar, vinegar and tomato paste
  2. high quality, fully ripened stone-ground red jalapenos
  3. our secret blend of spices
  4. corn starch
  5. That’s it!

Wild Fact: Why is it called a “finishing” sauce? Any sauce goes by the moniker “finishing” when cooks apply it to the final steps of the cooking process.

Disclaimer: Here at Mild and Wild, however, we give you permission to use our finishing sauce whenever you want, whether at the start, middle, or end of your cooking. It is your right to enjoy it as you wish. That’s how we sauce.


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