Barbecue Secrets – Things Pit Masters Know That You Don’t

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Unless you dedicate a lifetime to smoke, steel, and huge cuts of meat, you will likely never wear the title of a true pit master, but that doesn’t mean you are locked away from the world of barbecue. The thing about people that love creating good barbecue is that they also love to share their secrets. Well, unless they are on the competitive circuit, anyway. So what do pit masters know that you don’t about barbecue?

Smoke is an Ingredient, Not a Cooking Method

Always consider smoke as more of a spice rather than a cooking method. However, that doesn’t mean you can substitute it with liquid smoke. That is a big barbecue no-no.

Smoke Should be Gray, Not Black

Picking quality wood for barbecue is a difficult task. If it is too wet, you won’t get a good burn, but if it is too dry, it will burn too hot and dark. You want the wood to be perfectly seasoned so that it doesn’t produce terrible black smoke, but rather nice light gray plumes.


Climate Effects Cooking

Cooking good food is about controlling as many variables as possible, and one very important variable is humidity. If the humidity changes or it begins to rain, it can have a huge effect on the cooking process.

Repetition is the Key

You want excellent barbecue like the masters? Then you need to stick to tradition and that means doing the same thing over and over again. While great pit masters constantly try new things, there are some flavors that are perfect they way they are.

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