Creating Very Sweet Peppers by Engineering Their Seeds

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Some pepper lovers like them hot, while others like them sweet and mild. If you’re a pepper grower that wants to maximize the sweetness of your peppers, try this simple seed engineering process. It will help you grow the sweetest peppers you’ve ever eaten.

Types of Pepper to Engineer

When creating very sweet peppers, you should focus on only the sweetest you can find. We suggest seeds from the following species, as they are among the sweetest in nature:

  • Red bell pepper
  • Green pepper
  • Orange bell pepper

You could use jalapeno seeds if you wanted to add a slightly “kick” to your pepper, but only if you don’t mind a little hotness. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a burned mouth instead of a sweet sensation.


Engineering the Seeds

Engineering pepper seeds is a long process that follows this simple procedure:

  1. Plant and grow pepper plants from the peppers you want to cross-breed
  2. Find an unopened flower on the seed parent plant
  3. Carefully remove the petals of this plant with forceps without hurting the rest of the flower
  4. Remove the male “antlers” (i.e. the hanging areas near the stigma)
  5. Find an open flower on the other plant and carefully transfer its pollen to a small brush
  6. Add this pollen to the stigma of the other flower and cover it with a paper bag

After your flower has bloomed and grown seeds, pick the seeds from that particular flower. They will possess traits of both peppers. Plant those seeds and wait for them to grow. Repeat the process over several growing periods, adding different peppers as you go, to produce a whole new variety of sweet pepper seeds.

If you have any questions about pepper seeds, hot sauce or barbecue sauce, contact Mild to Wild Pepper and Herb Company today!

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