Cross-Breeding Jalapeno and Ghost Pepper Seeds

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ghost pepper

Ghost peppers and jalapenos are popular due to their potency and sweetness, respectively. Combining the two by creating hybrid seeds is a great way to decrease the severity of ghost peppers and increase the heat of the jalapeno.

Start By Planting Individual Jalapeno and Ghost Peppers

Plant at least one or two jalapeno and ghost pepper plants and let them grow to full maturity. These should be placed in a controlled environment, like a greenhouse, in order to make it easier to cross-breed their seeds. Wait for the pepper flowers to reach full maturity before moving on to the next step.

Opening the Flowers

Once the flowers of the plants have reached full maturity, it is time to carefully open closed pedals of an unopened flower to reveal the female stigma. This should be done on both plants.

Carefully remove one of the male “antlers” around the stigma from your ghost pepper and brush a small amount of its pollen onto the stigma of the jalapeno flower.

ghost pepper

Getting Your Seeds

After the pepper ripens fully, you should open it and carefully remove the seeds while wearing gloves. They are going to be very hot, particularly since you are using ghost peppers in your cross-breeding.

Let them dry for at least two weeks and wait until next season to plant them. These seeds will grow peppers that mix jalapeno and ghost pepper tastes in a delicious and unpredictable way.

Remember that the mother plant is usually the one that passes on the majority of the new pepper’s qualities. So if you want a hotter pepper, make your ghost pepper the mother plant.

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