How to Store Hot Pepper Seeds From Your Garden

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hot pepper seeds

If you have taken to growing peppers, then you put a lot of effort into growing some great ones. However, why let one harvest be it? If you know how to save the seeds, you can grow great peppers year after year. Unfortunately, if you are growing hybrid seeds, they may not grow into the peppers you expect next year. Yet, if you still want to preserve your pepper seeds, hybrid or no, there are two ways of doing so.

When it comes to keeping hot pepper seeds for the next growing cycle, it is all about choosing viable seeds and drying them well. Luckily, viable seeds are pretty easy to choose. All you want to do is choose a pepper that is at the peak of ripeness. Pick a pepper too immature or on the verge of rotting and the seeds greatly lose viability.

As for drying the seeds, you can cut them out of the pepper plant or just dry them inside the pepper pod. Drying them outside the plant allows the hot pepper seeds to dry faster, however, many swear upon drying them inside the pepper itself. Using this slow drying method, many believe that you get more viable seeds than those that are dried outside the pod.

hot pepper seeds

Unfortunately, both methods have their downsides. Harvesting pepper seeds from a pepper, especially a very spicy one, can lead to capsaicin burns if not properly protected. On the other hand, drying a pepper and the seeds within can lead to mold and dead seeds if not done in the proper environment.

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