Mild to Wild: High-Fructose Free Barbecue Sauces

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barbecue sauces

The words “high fructose” and “corn syrup” are quite controversial to health conscious consumers, especially when they combine as one ingredient. The bad rap of this “syrup” makes it one of the most avoidable preservatives to look out for. We are not the exception. Our delicious products are all high-fructose free barbecue sauces. Now, before we tell you more about them, let us give you a quick insight on what the “fructose foe” is all about.

What is fructose?

The name “fructose” means “food sugar,” however, this saccharide actually derives from corn. Since corn is easy to grow and is easily genetically manipulated into different substances, it results in the widely available food sweetener known as high-fructose corn syrup or HFCS.

The additive is a substance that worldwide food manufacturers use in their pre-packaged and frozen foods to make them taste better. It is a preferred ingredient because of its low-cost and superior sweetness, compared to regular sugar.

barbecue sauces

Why the bad reputation?

According to studies, high fructose corn syrup produces:

  • insulin resistance
  • bloating
  • allergic reactions
  • digestive issues

Now, keep in mind that we are not medical professionals, just a delicious hot pepper sauce company. Still, we have done our research. This is the reason why we refuse to add HFCS, or any other foreign substance, to our yummy products.


A research published by the University of California at Davis in 2009 concluded that HFCS in itself is not dangerous when consumed in low quantities. Therefore, the substance alone is not the problem. The real issue is the high amount of foods that contain the additive!

According to the study, too much consumption of HFCS is unhealthy because this substance does not metabolize naturally in our bodies. Fructose goes straight to the liver, the way alcohol and some types of saturated fats also get processed.

High consumption of fructose makes the job of the liver quite hard. Imagine your liver trying to process the many foods with HFCS you eat, plus all the other processed foods you may not even know that you are eating!

barbecue sauces

The good news:

HFCS is an optional additive and is not naturally found in every food that you buy. Our company and other health conscientious food manufacturers are fully aware of the impact of HFCS in the American diet. For this reason, we promise you that our barbecue sauces are free from high fructose and made only with ingredients that are natural and good for you.

If you can say it, you can eat it!

Think the basics: vinegar, peppers, seasonings, water. That’s it. Those are items your body can handle without any complications, or danger of developing a potential allergy. Don’t go around adding a sauce full of chemicals to your food. Taste the difference! We are people who love food and eat it, too!

Our sauces do not need additives

The fresh, natural and homemade flavor of our sauces comes from natural ingredients. There is no need for additives, fake flavors, or preservatives when what you do is quality work. The sauces will speak for themselves, and will need no help holding “their” own!

We believe that our responsibility to consumers is to provide a high-quality product made with freshness in mind. Our peppers and seasonings pair up wonderfully. We know that you will agree.

So, go ahead and indulge in high-quality flavor that will never bother your senses! Enjoy our products with no guilt and know that you are eating a quality, delicious food and barbecue sauces that your family will also love!

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