4 Essential Ingredients for Your Barbecue Sauce

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Barbecue Sauce

When it comes to making your own barbecue sauce, a strong backbone like vinegar, tomato, or mustard may be responsible for a good deal of the flavor, but not all of it. The key to a uniquely flavorful barbecue sauce is in the details. Some lesser known barbecue sauce ingredients play a big part in creating big flavor, but what could your homemade sauce be missing?

Fruit Juice

What is a little secret ingredient to give your sauce a fruity punch? Experiment with fruit juices in your sauce. Some grillers use fruit juice as a brine or a marinade, but a little orange, apple, or cherry juice is excellent for added flavor.


Fruit juice was a little understandable, but coffee? Madness! Or is it? If your barbecue sauce is lacking a little depth of flavor, then why not try coffee? Try adding instant coffee granules into your sauce to give it that dark and rich flavor without being grainy.

Barbecue Sauce


No one wants a barbecue sauce that is too watery, but if you are using a thicker base like tomato or mustard, adding moisture in the form of a beef or chicken stock can give a boost of flavor to the sauce in a way that helps meld it with that of the meat.

Store-Bought Sauce

I know, more madness, right? Just because you make your sauce from scratch doesn’t mean you have to make all of it from scratch. If you find a store-bought sauce that has a very distinct flavor that you enjoy, but can’t figure out what it is, why not add it in? Unfortunately, with this method, you also subject your sauce to preservatives unless you are using a craft artisan brand of barbecue sauce.

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