Does Gluten-Free Barbecue Sauce Grill Differently?

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Gluten-free may be the new food craze, but for those that actually need to be gluten-free, there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to enjoy great barbecue. However, for those who have long been forced into the gluten-free world will know, gluten-free food is never quite the same as food that is full of gluten. It takes on a different consistency and often you need to be sure to cook differently with gluten-free ingredients. Is gluten-free barbecue sauce the same? Do you need to grill differently with it?

No, not really. Gluten-free barbecue sauces compared to sauces with gluten are noticeably different in one respect – typically they are a little more loose and watery. In barbecue sauce, the role of gluten is to make the sauce super thick and sticky. However, that same stickiness can be rectified with an ingredient that is put into many barbecue sauces already – sugar. Across all gluten-free brands and even those recipes that you can make at home, you will find molasses in almost every single one because it is excellent for firming up the sauce itself, giving some caramelization, and allowing the sauce to stick to the meat.


However, even with the addition of the molasses, you will still find the sauces are little more watery than your other gluten-filled choices. As it relies on sugar to make the sauce stick rather than a combination of sugar and gluten, it is even more important that when grilling you only add the sauce on right at the end so it can properly stick to the meat rather than just melting off.

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