Kicking up Fried Chicken with Hot Sauce

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Hot Sauce

Very few foods cannot be improved with a little addition of hot sauce. (Well, maybe ice cream, but even there some imaginative cook might concoct something tasty, say jalapeno and chocolate.) Fried chicken, though, can certainly be kicked up a bit with a little heat.

Most cooks, especially in the south, have their approach to fried chicken. Some combine eggs, flour, and oil into a batter, coat the chicken pieces, and then deep-fry them. Others use an egg wash as a binder, then dredge the chicken pieces in flour or bread crumbs, and then fry them.

Many cooks like to add a little something to the coating to kick up the chicken. The late, great Colonel Sanders used to boast about his 11 herbs and spices. Paula Deen has a recipe that adds a generous amount of hot sauce to the egg wash, enough to turn it orange. The cook can experiment with all the varieties of hot sauce that are available or make his or her own before adding. Such chicken will no doubt be a memorable Southern-style meal.

Hot Sauce

“Oven-fried” chicken, using Shake ‘n Bake, can be enhanced in just the same way, by adding some hot sauce before cooking. Baking may be healthier and less messy, but deep frying always tastes better.

Of course, a lot of people get their fried chicken from KFC, Church’s, or some other takeout place. Then they can kick up the chicken pieces with drops of hot sauce before eating. That way, one can add as much or as little heat as taste requires.

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