Mild to Wild: Indian-Style Tandoori Barbecue

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Anyone who has been to an Indian restaurant has experienced the joys of tandoori barbecue cooking. The way it works is that a bell-shaped clay oven has hot coals or wood at the bottom that stokes up the heat to 900 degrees. Then chunks of meat, lamb or chicken by choice, are marinated in spices and put into these ovens to be cooked for about 15 minutes until they emerge charred and juicy, filling the air with a mouth-watering aroma.

Unfortunately, no one has developed a tandoori oven that works for a backyard cook, though a Big Green Egg or its equivalent would serve just as well. Fortunately, tandoori works almost as well on a backyard grill.

Basically, according to Serious Eats, you apply the marinade to chicken pieces. After a few hours, you light the grill. Charcoal works best, though some eccentrics will use a gas grill. In any event, you put the skewers on the grill and cook the meat as you would in any other style, making sure that the chicken is thoroughly cooked. The two factors that make a good tandoori meal are the spice marinade, which consists of yogurt, garlic, ginger, coriander, and a variety of Indian spices such as turmeric and garam masala, and the smoke of the charcoal. Smaller chicken chunks work best, as they cook more evenly in a shorter period. About 15 minutes while turning once should do the trick.


Epicurious also has a great Chicken Tikka recipe.

The same site has a recipe for tandoori barbecue sauce that can be used on all kinds of meat.

After the meat is cooked, all you have to do is serve it with some pilau rice and naan, both of which you can pick up at any supermarket.

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