Mild to Wild: What Makes Chipotle Barbecue Sauce So Tasty?

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Chipotle barbecue sauce is extremely easy to love. One drop gives you every taste under the sun, from sweet to savory and spicy, with just enough heat to feel adventurous to try it. The heat level in a typical chipotle sauce is quite low. It gives you a slight pinch in the tongue, but it will not burn your mouth at all. Our own Southwest chipotle Sauce features natural ingredients that bring out these amazing flavors:

  • brown sugar for sweetness
  • vinegar for a slight tartness
  • tomato paste for the savory punch
  • spices to enhance the chipotle flavor
  • and, of course, the pepper itself: a smokey confection that dates back to the Aztec times.

How do these flavors blend?

The only added ingredient to our Chipotle Barbecue Sauce, aside from the flavor, is cornstarch, a natural thickener. Other than that, our natural recipe does the work on its own. However, we must thank the ancient Aztecs for the original chipotle recipe, which is what makes all the difference and gives the sauce such a unique flavor.


What exactly is “chipotle?”

The word “chipotle” does not refer to a type of pepper in particular. The etymology of the word “chipotle,”  according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, comes from the Nahuatl word, chīlpōctli, which is a pairing of the word chīlli (the actual pepper) and  the word pōctli, which means “smoked.” Therefore, a “chipotle” is any pepper that has undergone a smoking process similar to that of smoking meats for jerky.

Which kind of pepper becomes a chipotle pepper?

Traditionally, it is the jalapeño pepper that serves as the prime candidate for the smoking process. First, because it spreads vastly when it grows, so it is quite popular. Second, because its availability makes it also more popular to cook with. Third, because it is versatile; it is hot, but never quite as hot as the Habanero or the Ghost pepper. Jalapeños vary in degrees of hotness, as well.  Finally, it is good to smoke them because they rot quickly. Their skin goes dark fast and they go bad in a matter of days. The best way to preserve them is (or, back in the day, “was”) to smoke them. Still, the collateral surprise of its meaty, tender, smoky flavor was an added benefit to the plan.

Why our barbecue sauce?

Our barbecue sauce is natural, fresh, and made with ingredients that are easy to pronounce: sugar, vinegar, tomato paste, spices, and peppers. We never use artificial, add-on chemicals or preservatives. This is what makes our sauce taste so good and unique. Try it today and taste the difference.

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