Get our Habanero Barbecue Sauce. It is good for you!

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Our Habanero barbecue sauce not only packs up a good kick and great taste; it may also be good for you!

Capsaicin is a natural property in Habanero peppers as well as in most hot peppers. It gives peppers their distinctive hot taste, but there is much more to it than meets the eye. Capsaicin may be one of the best daily supplements you can add to your daily diet.

Nature’s pain-killer

According to WebMd, capsaicin triggers several compounds that transmit and control signals across the human body. Look at it as an enabler of communication. This means that capsaicin can ease pain signals in the body, making it feel better in the process. The big difference is that capsaicin is not a medication, but a naturally occurring ingredient. Why not use it daily?

Thermogenic benefit

Capsaicin can also help control obesity, according to published studies that include the Journal of Proteome Research. The high levels of capsaicin found in the Habanero, which is one of the hottest peppers out there, create an increase in metabolic rate by raising the temperature of your body.


You have probably seen those hot pepper eating competitions and how the participants’ faces turn red. This is why. They are conjuring up high amounts of energy in order to process the shock to the senses that comes from eating the hot peppers. Dash out a some of our Habanero barbecue sauce in any of your meals, and love the burn!

Antioxidant benefits

Capsaicin belongs to the family of antioxidants which, as you may have read everywhere, are great inhibitors of the growth of cancer cells. They also help protect healthy cells from turning on themselves and become cancerous. Moreover, Habanero peppers are laden with vitamins, with over 300 percent of the daily recommended consumption of vitamin C alone!

These were three good reasons for you to run and get your very own bottle of our delicious Habanero barbecue sauce. Enjoy taste, texture, heat, and lots health bonus points today!

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