Adding Fruit to Barbecue Sauces: Mild to Wild Pepper and Herb

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Barbecue Sauces

Most everyone who has grilled or smoked meat is familiar with the standard, regional barbecue sauces, from the tomato-based wet rub from Texas, to the mustard sauces used in South Carolina, to the whiskey-laced sauces favored in Tennessee. However, some more experimental grill masters are adding fruit to their wet rubs to give their meat a unique taste that hitherto nature had not provided.

For those people who make their own barbecue sauce, has a number of recipes that incorporate apples, mangos, and blueberries, among others. However, for those backyard chefs who do not like to spend a lot of prep time, a number of store-bought fruit-based sauces exist. As an alternative, you can use a tomato-based sauce and simmer it with finely chopped pieces of fruit until they combine into something that is unique and beautiful.

Barbecue Sauces

What you do next largely depends on whether you are on the dry rub or the wet rub side of the argument of how best to cook meat. If on the former, you will just set the sauce on the side.

If you want to use your fruit-flavored sauce as a wet rub, you should keep in mind that many fruits have high sugar content and are therefore prone to burning if exposed to a direct flame for too long. That means that when you are smoking meat on indirect heat over an extended period of time, you can mop the fruit-flavored sauce periodically as you would ordinarily do, allowing the flavors to slowly seep into the meat. But for grilling right over the flame, such as chicken or ribs, it is best to apply the sauce just as you are finishing, to get a nice, tasty bark.

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