5 Recipes to Bring Barbecue Sauce to Your Holiday Meals

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Barbecue Sauce

With the holiday season fast approaching, you’re finding yourself in need of a wide range of dishes to take to all of the upcoming parties. Whether you’re preparing a dinner party with friends or trying to decide what to feed your family for a holiday dinner, there are plenty of great ways to incorporate barbecue sauce into your meals. Try some of these recipes to bring a smile to every face.

Cranberry Barbecue Meatballs

What could be more festive than the addition of cranberry to your barbecue sauce? This fun holiday dish from Yellow Bliss Road will add a note of cheer to your holiday table while allowing your family to enjoy one of their favorite foods–a great way to be sure there’s something in the meal that your kids will eat.

Cranberry Glazed Chicken

In keeping with the festive holiday favorite, this slow cooker cranberry glazed chicken from Tablespoon is a quick, easy dish that can simmer away all day while your family enjoys other activities. Whether you’re planning an intimate family gathering or want to multiply the recipe to feed a crowd, this chicken will quickly become a favorite holiday dish.

Spicy Cornbread and Sausage Stuffed Turkey

Looking for something a little bit fancier for your holiday table? The Suburban Soapbox offers a stuffed turkey option with barbecue sauce that’s sure to have your family and guests peeking into the kitchen long before dinner is ready to hit the table. Even better, this dish takes less preparation work than making a full turkey and leaves you less likely to get hit with a ton of leftovers.

Tofu Strips

Looking for a meat-free option for your next party? Don’t despair! You can infuse plenty of great barbecue flavor into your dish with these delightful breaded tofu strips from Vegan Richa. Just substitute the marinade for one of our handy barbecue sauces, and voila! The perfect dish for your vegetarian guests.

Barbecue Sauce

Little Smokies

Cooking up a batch of Little Smokies is always sure to be a hit no matter who your audience might be. This familiar recipe from Wonky Wonderful will allow you to toss this fun appetizer in the slow cooker while you enjoy other holiday activities.

There’s nothing quite like barbecue sauce to offer a familiar, comforting taste to your holiday table. Try any of these recipes or come up with your own unique way to add your favorite flavors to the holiday spread. It’s the perfect time of year for experimenting with fun new dishes!

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