5 Suggestions About Cooking with Hot Sauce with Mild to Wild  

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Hot Sauce

If you are not too familiar with hot peppers, this reading may save you a lot of headaches and perhaps even other types of aches, too. Cooking with hot sauce is not a dangerous task, but the handling of the pepper, or hot pepper sauce, may definitely be. You should familiarize yourself with the type of hot pepper sauce that you will work with. You should also cook with protective gear and make a habit of cleaning up your tools throughout the process. Finally, it is important to clear up all surfaces, including cooking utensils and pans. Read on more, and you will learn how to prevent pesky little issues when cooking with hot sauce.

Why cook with hot sauce?

Hot sauce is one of the best ingredients to cook with. Capsinoids, found in hot peppers, are antioxidants that help regulate weight control, hypertension, and even diabetes. Moreover, hot sauce adds a much-needed punch of texture, taste, and aroma to dishes that are normally bland. Ever heard of Huevos Rancheros? For this particular dish, a simple dash of hot sauce turns regular fried eggs into an exotic confection. Still, be extra careful.

  1. Know your pepper Prior to cooking, research more about which hot sauce you are using. Peppers (and their sauces) have degrees of heat measured by the Scoville scale. The hotter the pepper, the higher up it will rank in the scale. Use your common sense to determine how well you wish to protect delicate areas such as your eyes, nose skin, and hands.
  2. Protective gear Do not fret. All you may need is the same simple gear that most cooks wear to avoid job hazards, such as spilling sauces or hot grease. Just remember that hot sauce contains water that evaporates during the cooking process. The fumes may hurt your eyes and delicate skin areas. To avoid irritation, prepare ahead of time with masks and gloves if needed.
  3. Watch your hands The key issue when cooking with hot sauce is watching how you use your hands throughout. Watch out for any tendency to scratch yourself, play with your hair, rub your eyes, bite your nails, or rub your nose. All of these hand movements may lead to the sauce accidentally getting under your nails, or in your eyes.
  4. Wash, wash, wash Build a habit of washing everything you use, as you go. Wash your hands, gloves, pans, and spoons. Cover and identify any dish made with hot sauce to avoid people peeking in and trying to taste it without knowing what is inside.
  5. Clear up your kitchen Depending on the level of heat of your food, just make sure to clear and wipe well all surfaces used to cook. Wipe your stove and countertop area with a damp cloth, and then pat dry it. This way your guests won’t accidentally touch any area where sauce may have spilled.

Hot Sauce

Cooking with hot sauce is fun and delicious. Just take these small pointers, and enjoy your culinary experience with extra care. If all you are doing is adding a dash of flavor to your food, you will do just fine. However, if you are creating a very hot dish, be sure to follow these guidelines, and enjoy stress-free cooking!

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