Can You Cook a Steak With Hot Sauce?

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Hot Sauce

When it comes to cooking with hot sauce, there are a lot of different meat dishes that you think of. However, a steak is usually not one of them. Can a big juicy beautiful steak benefit from a little bit of hot sauce added to the cooking process? You bet it can.

There are several different techniques that you can use when applying hot sauce to steak. The first is to use it in a marinade. This can consist of all hot sauce if you covet extreme sauce flavor and heat. However, because of the high presence of sugars, you need to be careful to grill over a lower flame to prevent burning. Alternatively, more people prefer adding a bit of hot sauce into a more complex marinade to get a bit of heat without it being overwhelming.

Another technique for people who want the same punch without the worry of burning on the grill is to add the sauce within the last few minutes of cooking. This gives your meat a punchy and flavorful crust while still letting the meat flavor shine within. By brushing it on in the last minutes, you also allow it to caramelize with the meat without completely charring.

Hot Sauce

The final and easily the most popular option is to created a hot sauce butter to finish or dip the meat in. This is essentially like creating a good wing sauce by combining hot sauce with melted butter. You get that rich buttery flavor with the spice blast of hot sauce. It makes the meat absolutely addicting with its addition.

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