Mild to Wild Pepper and Herb: Why Hot Sauce Ingredients Matter!

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Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is a delicious food seasoning, highly sought-after in many cultures. It is also the source of worldwide competitions initiated by heat fanatics that seek the ultimate hot tasting experience.

Still, hot sauce ingredients require a lot of consideration. All that you need is vinegar, water, the pepper source, optional natural thickener, and spices.

What we find instead is that several name brands that carry very famous hot sauces offering products laden with salt, chemical flavors, preservatives to elongate shelf life, and pepper approximates that aim to just burn the customer’s taste buds.

These are hot sauces that no longer seek to please you with flavor. They simply miss the true, hot sauce experience.

A well-made sauce needs no salt, additives or artificial flavors to be “cool” …or is it “hot?”

Anyway, all you need is the right blend of spices to bring out as much flavor as heat.

Mild to Wild Hot Sauces

Hot Sauce

Our hot sauces do not require any more than 4 to 7 ingredients. The reason is simple. We have our own secret blend of perfectly matched spices already figured out.

We also know which are the best and most powerful peppers to pick. The key is being knowledgeable about the sauce making process. Many people think hot sauce is merely a thrill. At Mild to Wild, hot sauce is a work of art.

What is the difference in the hot sauce options at Mild to Wild?

To put it simply, the answer is: We are not amateurs. We are not trying to win a frat house hot sauce competition, nor do we visualize our customers as that type of consumer.

Yes, we got the very hot stuff in stock. You will burn. You will feel it. You may not be able to take it. What we guarantee, however, is that you will appreciate the flavor of our sauces in such a way, that you may actually work hard at taking in the heat just to eat more sauce.

Hot Sauce

Here is the low-down on Mild to Wild’s mega spicy and mega-spicy hot sauces. Do not say we did not warn you.

The Mild to Wild Ghost Garlic Hot Sauce-

Boo! You may get the jitters once this one hits you, but at least it has garlic, so at least no vampires, right?

No peppers (or ghosts) were hurt in the making of this sauce

We mixed

  1. Jolokia ghost peppers
  2. our traditional Red Savina Habaneros™
  3. citric acid
  4. vinegar
  5. garlic

It will become one of your favorites! Notice that the Red Savina Habaneros come with a trademark, making them accessible only through Mild to Wild. Curious about what they taste like? Get yourself a bottle today and see for yourself how delicious it is.

Fatality Hot Sauce

Contrary to what it sounds like, the only “fatality” in this sauce is the name of the pepper: The Fataliti chile pepper.

In reality, this sauce is tropical and fruity; the heat is just an added bonus. Don’t believe us? Check out its ingredients. They are nothing to fear!

  1. Fataliti chile peppers
  2. citric acid
  3. vinegar
  4. garlic

Fataliti chile peppers have a curiously unique taste that awakens taste buds differently than your traditional chile sauces. The added garlic adds a bit more exotic flavor to it.

Hot Sauce

Mild to Wild’s Semper Fry Sauce

Mild to Wild supports all of our men and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. We designed this sauce to always remember them and keep them in our hearts. Salute the troops with a delicious addition to your meals. Garlic and heat mix deliciously for this sauce that goes with anything.

Simple ingredients still pack a nice punch of flavor:

  1. Mild to Wild’s trademark Red Savina Habaneros
  2. citric acid
  3. vinegar
  4. garlic

Our Habaneros are at it again! Surely this will be one of your favorite sauces to gift others…or yourself! Enjoy it, and thank a veteran or current member of our Armed Forces today!

Ralph’s Righteous Habanero hot sauce

This mega hot sauce doubles as a conversation starter for any party. Just make sure you warn those who want to try it. Our ingredients say it all. Hand-picked Habaneros that scorch to the touch are the main ingredient.

  1. Mild to Wild’s discretionary Habanero peppers, hand-picked.
  2. vinegar
  3. garlic
  4. salt
  5. Xanthan Gum natural thickener
  6. turmeric
  7. more spices
  8. onion

This hot sauce will blend perfectly with spicy Bloody Mary’s because it already has the onion powder included in the mix. Also, the exotic turmeric and the garlic will surely make any meal smell and taste delicious.

Treat yourself to a bottle of the good stuff! Visit Mild to Wild’s store and go crazy with the heat!


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