Odd Food Items to Add Hot Sauce to This Thanksgiving

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Want to add a little kick to your Thanksgiving dinner? Or maybe you want to make your first year of hosting for the holiday one with unforgettable food that’ll leave your guests wanting more? Add hot sauce! It might sound crazy, but it’s just crazy enough to work.

Thanksgiving Buffalo Roasted Turkey

We as Americans are not strangers to “Buffalo” flavored foods, but the classic dish featuring the hot tang is Buffalo Chicken. If it works on chicken, why not on turkey? Food blogger, Heidi, serves up a mean Buffalo Roasted Turkey.


  • One 12 to 14-pound turkey, giblets, and neck removed; bird rinsed and patted dry, at room temperature
  • 12 tablespoons butter, softened
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Aromatics such as onion quarters, celery stalks, carrots, fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme or parsley
  • 1 cup hot sauce (such as Frank’s Red Hot)

You can view Heidi’s entire recipe at Buffalo Roasted Turkey

Turkey is delicious but can’t be the only item on your holiday menu. If you want to add even more spice, here are a few suggestions on what side dishes to serve that include hot sauce.

Who doesn’t love stuffing/dressing? It is a Thanksgiving MUST to go with the turkey. There are many variations, from cornbread dressing, rye, sourdough; some with oysters, some with pancetta. This year, try this Startling Mad Dog Stuffing that features dried bread crumbs and Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce!


Instead of just making traditional sweet potato casserole this year, you can opt for this Sweet Potato Buffalo Chicken Casserole. Because who doesn’t like a little spicy with the sweet?

If you’d like to just offer hot sauce to your guests to use as a condiment or to add bottles to the table for those who need more heat, bottles of Thanksgiving-themed hot sauce from Zazzle are perfect! Not only are they functional, but their adorable Thanksgiving artwork on the labels make them decorative, too! Choices include Turkey Time Thanksgiving Hot Sauce and Thanksgiving Cornucopia Field Collection Hot Pepper Sauce; both come in flavors: Chipotle Adobo, Cayenne Garlic, Jalapeno Classic, Fire Roasted Habanero, and Red Savina Habanero.

For more Thanksgiving hot sauce recipes, you can also go to Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes with Hot Sauce.

Whether you make one or all of these odd food items to add hot sauce to this Thanksgiving, you will definitely impress with your spicy, out-of-the-box dish(es). Happy Cooking!

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